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Despite advances in the dental profession with the use of implant replacements for missing teeth, in some cases a well-designed and carefully constructed removable denture can be a solution.

A complete or 'full' denture is one that replaces all the natural teeth in the upper or lower jaws whilst a partial denture fills the gaps between the remaining teeth. Both styles of dentures can be made using a base of either metal or acrylic (plastic) and the choice often depends on the health of the remaining teeth and gums.

Apart from replacing the missing teeth, dentures can even improve the facial aesthetics by providing support to your cheeks and lips. After teeth are lost, these areas can often look 'sunken in' or 'sagging.' A denture can support these areas, reduce skin creases and restore your confidence. You could say a 'denture facelift' can improve your smile & profile!

At Naidu & Naidu, we will always continue to provide excellent aftercare for dentures. Every time you return for a regular check-up, we will not just check your teeth and gums, but make sure that your denture is checked to ensure that it is clean, maintained and able to serve you well over the years.

Denture Stabilisation

Loose or ill-fitting dentures can be a nuisance and affect your ability to eat and speak with comfort. Although sometimes, the problem can be solved by modifying or remaking the denture, some people have simply lost too much bone over the years to allow a denture to fit well.

There is another option available to solve the problem and stabilise your denture and this is known as an implant overdenture. By placing implants into your jaw, we can use them to anchor your denture into position and allow you to enjoy your favourite foods and smile again confident in the knowledge that your dentures are under your control.