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Anika Benawra Anika Benawra

Modern life can take its toll on our skin. To reverse this impact, Naidu & Naidu, Dental Surgeons are proud to be able to introduce Aesthetika, our Facial Aesthetics range of services with Dr Anika Benawra, who many of you may have met during your dental visits.

Anika’s passion is helping patients reduce wrinkles and minimise fine lines using non-surgical treatments to create a refreshed, recharged and youthful appearance to match your smile!

Anika has been practicing dentistry since 2014 and has worked in Maxillofacial departments at Broomfield and Southend Hospitals and Birmingham Children’s Hospital before joining our team at Naidu & Naidu, Dental Surgeons in 2017. Her training and experiences have enhanced her knowledge of facial anatomy and pharmacology and this enables her to provide facial aesthetic treatments which are effective, predictable and safe.

Did you know about these other benefits of Facial Aesthetics?

Putting a Spring in your Step: Wrinkles and lines can impact your self-confidence in a world where there is a camera in every pocket. By rejuvenating your appearance, Aesthetika can give you the boost you need to feel comfortable and confident in your skin!

Quick & Convenient: With non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments, we have minimal inconvenience as they are non-invasive and carry little hinderance to your busy day!

At Naidu & Naidu, we provide safe and effective facial aesthetic treatments and Aesthetika is planned and delivered by Dr Anika, a Dental Professional trained to be able to safely and predictably treat the tissues of your face. All our Aesthetika treatments will be customised to your own aims and desires and Anika will help create a bespoke Facial Aesthetics treatment journey to meet your unique goals.

If you're keen to learn more about Aesthetika at Naidu & Naidu, Dental Surgeons and how you can benefit from these treatments, please contact us on 01708346540 or email at aesthetika@naidudentalcare.co.uk and our team will be happy to help you on your journey!